Fortnite – Review

Particularly known for Paragon and Unreal Engine, Epic Games has come out with a whole new video game: Fortnite. This game, which is now paid but will become a free game in 2018, has been passed to us for examination. We were fortunate to have Fortnite, a paired player based online game, on the PlayStation 4 Pro, and we’ll pass down our thoughts below to you. Are you ready?

The storm was unaware. 98% of the world population disappears … Then the monsters came. Lead the Heroes who are in the world in the struggle to stop the storm. Discover the vast, destructible world where each game is different. Build gigantic fortresses, build exotic weapons, collect booty and level your heroes. Fight against the storm in four player online multiplayer mode. Welcome to Epic Games’ new Action Build game Fortnite.

This time we’ll start somewhat different. First of all, I want to get these things out by taking the graphics, sounds and performance of the game. Fortnite has cartoon-style graphics, rather than realistic graphics like Paragon, the other game of the team. Everything in the picture looks pretty and sweet to us. Weapons, characters, trees around us, stones, houses, and of course our enemies are prepared with great care. Also, the fact that the graphics are designed differently in this way indicates that the team is also not based on the Paragon game. Probably, Fortnite is a game that was started from scratch and given great effort.

The game’s voices and other sound effects are as successful as the graphics in our country. We hear voices that are clean, proper, in the game. Also, the fact that character voices are not entirely serious, jokes made in places and many other things make us laugh throughout the game. Already Epic Games used a humorous language in many of its products, but we reached the summit with this game, and it was a serious pleasure for us.

Unfortunately, I can not say such positive things about the performance of the game. We developed this game with Unreal Engine and we told it we tried it on PlayStation 4 Pro. The game has a performance of 30 FPS on the PlayStation 4 Pro, and we can often experience FPS declines. In spite of the FPS rate, the game gives extra graphic improvement with 1080p resolution, but the FPS values ​​of the game are so disturbing, unfortunately we do not like any of them. The interesting part is that the Epic Games team has 60 FPS for all PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro consoles, which is 30 FPS. Of course the game is still in its early access period. Perhaps Fortnite will also be 60 FPS with a future update. That’s all we want. A game that looks so fast and beautiful, should not be left behind with 30 FPS.

A little Minecraft, a little Rust. Fortnite is a zone-based, zone defense game actually. A little Rust, a little Minecraft, and a little bit of that classic tower defense game. We have a main zone, and we are trying to enlarge this zone by expanding it when it reaches time, making it more protected. Of course, every time we try to grow every field, we are attacked by a zombie raid and we have to defend ourselves. Of course, as I said, our duty to defend our own home does not always come. Rather, we are dealing with micro management issues on the main menu of the game, and we are working elsewhere on the map. But task logic never changes. We find the object, we take that element to the guard and press the button. As the mission progresses, we must stop the flow of zombies from each direction.

At the end of each task, we take the booty boxes according to my performance, and if we have completed a task, we receive the awards for that task. If the prizes we receive are insufficient or if we are not able to complete the task, we can enter the same relative and more than once. So what are we entering into these tasks? Of course as a hero. There are many different types of heroes in the rating at many different levels of rarity. For example, I am currently using Tank Penny, the tank and builder of the epic rarity level. My character has its own characteristics and talents. For example, I am dear to be a tank, because I am much more than many other heroes and I am a builder, I can build much faster than other characters. There are many different classes, like ninja, warrior, pathfinder and survivor, each class has its own unique abilities. If we wish, we can improve these abilities by overcoming the level of our character.

We can play games with our friends, we can play with the players we do not know. One problem is that when we play alone, tasks can be incredibly difficult. When we play with the players we do not know, those players often play very hastily, they do not have some extra tasks and we can not get the full taste of the game. If you are going to play with your friends, this game will be a lot of fun. If you are planning to play alone or with strangers, you can not get the taste of the game 100%. Especially when the game is free. Because when the game is free, many different types of players will come to play.

There’s so much you can do outside playing the game. Of course, we are not the only survivors of the fortnite universe. Only 98% of mankind is dead. So, we can find some people who survive playing their missions. Also, people who survive on some task posts or in trophies boxes are confronted. Like individual heroes, survivors have a level system, a level of rarity, personality and expertise. If you are moving forward in your game, you can open up teams and make your division and yourselves better. That is, there is a team named Fire Team Alpha, which improves attack power by +22. The team attack is +5. If the survivors of this team are in harmony with each other, if they are at a higher level, these rates are even higher. This, of course, is in the micro management section of the game. So these people just got on paper. When we go to our own region, we can not see them, we can not bring them with us.

If you do not understand this point, let’s just say: The game is entirely based on the loot system. So, we have a large depot. In this depot, we can see weapons or trapping schemes, heroes, protectors, resources and survivors. First, let’s talk about gun schemes. In the vote, we can find weapons directly, but these weapons have a duration of durability. A weapon that is endurance-ending, can not be used. So we have to make new weapons using the schematics we found. We also need different resources to do these weapon schemes. In addition, these schemes have a level system, such as the same heroes and survivors. If you make a weapon from a level 10 skull, that weapon can give 22% more head damage. Finally, there is also a level of rarity in weapons. Rather, everything in the game has a level of rarity!

In Fortnite, we can use nearby combat weapons, ranged weapons and traps to attack. We need to find resources to create all of these and to provide bullets. The boring part of the game is already starting here. The whole environment in your own territory, or the whole environment in the maps you go to the relative, has a destructive nature. The houses, cars, trees, rocks, flowers, everything in the valuation have a benefit to us. The game from this side is really tasteful and beautiful. Like I said, Minecraft and Rust are reminiscent, but in order to be able to stay at a high level, we have to deal with extraordinary resource gathering. Especially if you play alone.

Fortnite will be free in the future, but micropayments are already showing up. Fortnite has a talent system at the same depth, except for the incredibly detailed micro management aspects. There are 4 different levels of talent and 4 different levels of research tree. We take our talent points as we move down the level, and our research scores come automatically from our centers. There are 74 talents on the first level talent tree and 34 on the first level. But as the level rises, these numbers rise tremendously. It’s a lot more than a standard player can play by playing this game normally. Perhaps more than 500, perhaps a total of around 1000 talents and research may be open. This is a good thing for players who will play for a long time, but short-term players will not be able to try everything in the game, unfortunately the important features are opened with talent.

Fortnite is a seriously detailed, complex game. But it is not the game that makes the game complicated; micro management. Gameplay is easy. You have a few talents, 3 weapons you can change at the same time, and a construction mode. You can go through the building mode with a single keystroke and play the game in an incredibly smooth way. But when you get out of the game and return to the menu, the more details you get, the more you get, the more you get bored. Thousands of talents, hundreds of weapons schemes, survivors, heroes, protectors, all these levels, materials, resources, bullets, you are dealing with very micro management. Of course, we can understand the reason for all this density. Epic Games will make this game free in 2018, so she wants to link the foundation of the game to micropayments. So there’s a lot to do in his vote.

Micropayments are a gift, as in every other game, in this game is the booty boxes. The boxes I mentioned earlier are not the same as the boxes I will mention. The boxes I mentioned earlier are only given at the end of the game, according to your performance. They’re in the form of boxes. The current booty boxes are a llama. These plates are actually Piñata. We can purchase these shirts with in-game money, or at the end of some tasks, we can receive them as a reward. For example, a standard lama is sold with 100 in-game money.

As a result, should this game be taken? Like we said, Fortnite is a free game in the future. This is for sure. Only the early access process of the game will be charged. If you want to see the game develop with your own eyes, if you want to experience this game early on, you can of course buy it. But the micropayment system in the game, especially when the game is free, will play the whole game and you can regret the money you give in buying the game today. This topic is already in its own right, but it can be a topic of discussion. The game itself is in control right now. The basic game is very enjoyable especially when playing with your friends. But you may not enjoy playing alone or playing with strangers. You may also feel overwhelmed when you step out of the game and encounter dozens of different micro management features. If you are a person who can get tired of a game quickly, Fortnite will start to repeat itself after a while, the micros will drown you and you will want to delete the game.


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