YouTube’s dazzling feature came to the iPhone !

Video sharing network YouTube officially announced HDR support for Apple’s iPhone X. From now on, iPhone X users will be able to watch YouTube videos with HDR technology, which offers a more vivid image.

HDR YouTube experience is nothing new. Videos that support high-contrast HDR technology have been on YouTube’s servers for some time. The Galaxy S9 is one of many on Android phones like Google Pixel, which supports YouTube’s high dynamic range video. But when it comes to Apple’s business, YouTube did not have any HDR support, and according to today’s reports, iPhone X broke the situation.

Apple’s iOS smartphone iPhone X has been added to YouTube’s list of HDR-enabled smartphones as of today. So iPhone users will now be able to watch HDR-enabled videos from the YouTube app on their phones. HDR videos will make the videos look more vivid due to the contrast. To view HDR videos, simply go to the top right corner of YouTube and click on the HDR quality option. For example; Like 4K60fps HDR …

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