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Due to many reasons, in some cases we may need to back up our Android device to protect our data or applications. Here are some of the top 10 backups and restores for the Android operating system that can be used in such situations.

Top 10 backup applications

App Backup Restore – Transfer

One of the easiest applications to use in our list is App Backup Restore 

– Transfer offers many different backup-transfer options, from MicroSD card to cloud storage.

Backup Your Mobile

Backup Your Mobile is a backup application designed for users who are not looking for much detail, but who prefer simplicity and strength.

CM Backup CM Backup

one of the tested and certified backup applications of our quality and functionality, backs up data such as contacts, call log, messages, calendar information and alarms without making application backup.


Easy Backup & Restore

As the name implies, this application aims to make it easy for users to back up and restore without entering details, but it also has the option of device backup every time.

Helium Helium

one of the other popular backup applications, can optionally back up device content to a storage unit or to another computer via a network. If you purchase a paid upgrade, you can also take advantage of the cloud-based backup option.

List My Apps

List My Apps creates and stores a list of installed content on the device for you to be able to reference instead of making a backup different from other backup applications.


As a rare “Titanium Backup” alternative, MyBackup offers only a MicroSD card backup option in its free version. If you buy a paid version, you can take advantage of more backup options.

Super Backup Pro

One of the most popular backup applications, Super Backup Pro is a functional and practical interface that makes data backup as easy as ever. Also, let’s not forget that the application is also a cloud storage option.

Titanium Backup

The least mentionable application in our list is Titanium Backup. Titanium Backup, which has been used by experienced Android users for a long time, has many different advanced backup and restore functions.

Ultimate Backup

Finally with many different backup and restore options (including the cloud storage solution), Ultimate Backup is a tough Titanium Backup competitor.

NOTE: It is important to note that many of the backup applications in our list can not perform many advanced functions without having root privileges (ie you need to have Administrator privileges on your device). If you are not very experienced or knowledgeable in these matters, it is a good idea to get help from a professional before you start the backup process.

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