Days Gone – Review

Many new details have been shared for the Days Gone game that will be released exclusively to PlayStation.

A ton of information was shared about the Days Gone that Sony Bend Studio has developed, which will be released exclusively on PlayStation 4.

Today we have a long video of Days Gone’s 1 hour long gameplay. I guess we all agree that the game, which has yet to be shared with Alpha, should be taken to many fixes. Bend Studio wanted to remove some questions from the players’ minds and shared many new pieces of information with us.

As an added bonus, there is no option to change the difficulty. Days Gone’s construction process is still going on. According to new information from the production team, there will be no option of changing the challenge. It is stated that the game itself is already quite difficult, that it is easy to kill excitement and it is tried to positively influence the players’ experience of the difficulty. Already, surviving after the apocalypse has been described as a difficult process and why there is no choice of difficulty in the game. If we come to shared details;


– Game has been developed for five years.

– Uncharted first idea: emerged after Golden Abyss.

– More than 100 developers are working on the game, the team has doubled since 2016.

– People who are infected with the virus are called “infected” by NERO (National Emergency Response Agency).

– NERO operated 12 checkpoints to get people into the quarantine, but now those areas are abandoned.

– The main character Deacon has a friend who is a mercenary named Boozer.

– The story of the story is not to survive, to find treatment.

– Stealing Boozer’s stuff will upset him, which will affect his relationship.

– There are five campsites in the world of play, and Deacon has to go out and build relationships.

-Ambushes are bad, normal ones are good. Ambushers can attack you on the roadside.

– Clearing territories opens the door to fast travel.

– The guns look outdated because of the rain.

– There are big towns to explore.

– Weapons cabinets and safe houses are places where you can fill your arsenal.

– Deacon can watch the camouflage with the binocular.

– Deacon, a member of a motorcycle club called Mongrels.

– Hunting rifles, sniper rifles, Molotov cocktails, guns, LMGs, hand grenades and firearms such as napalm bombs and explosives.

– Zombilere is called Freakers.

– Zombie shots have spread all over the world.

– Defined as a lot of “baby suckers” consisting of 300 zombies, there are 500 zombies in demon in E3.

– Zombie drives should eat, drink and travel together.

– Zombies live in dark places like tunnels and nest there. Molotov cocktails, gas canisters and oil barrels are the ways to clean these nests.

– Deacon has flashback missions to learn about her past with Sarah.

– Deacon has a “survival view” that shows the enemies and enemies around the world.

– You can climb up to the radio.

– Bring them in and have no time trial tasks.

– The game will be released at the beginning of 2019.

– Photo mode confirmed.

– You can continue playing after you finish the game.

– Story mode will last around 30 hours.

– Paint, speed up, exhaust upgrading and similar motorcycle privatizations.

– A lot can be collected and loot.

– Nathan Whitehead, who plays music for composer The Purge.

– The currency of the vote is the camp loan.

– Great metropolitan areas.

– You can make cams in your vote.

– There will be dogs in the vote.

– Enemies will hear you when you’re on the motorcycle.

– The games are separated by chapters.

– The bear called The Ravager is a normal enemy type.

– You will get points for making stunt on motorcycle.

– Touchpad support for menus.

– There are no different seasons but different weather conditions.

– No online games.

– The game will be with us at 30FPS on both the standard PS4 and the PS4 Pro.

Days Gone will perform for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Pro in the first months of 2019 if we do not get a teaser.

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