FIFA 19 has also received UEFA license!


When it comes to football, two series come to mind. FIFA and PES. As you know, Konami is a company that struggles with license problems for years. They do not seem to make a lot of sense to pay for licenses. Instead of getting a league license directly, they go to the individual deal with the teams.



EA Sports, on the other hand, places a special emphasis on licenses, unlike this. Naturally, this self-data clearly outlines the FIFA series on sales figures. When we look at the licensing side of the business, we see that PES is the only superior side of FIFA from Champions League and European League licenses. At least until 2019, this was the case. However, UEFA and Konami announced that they had reached the end of their 10-year license agreement. Konami officials announced that they would like to focus on club and league licenses with PES 2019. As a matter of fact, EA Sports filled out the vacant lot from Konami. One of EA Sports’s FIFA gaming announcers, Evert ten Napel confirmed that FIFA 19 and the Champions League and Europa League licensing rights have moved to EA Sports. So with FIFA 19 Champions League music will now start playing for EA Sports. In the meantime, let’s state it as a footnote. FIFA 2019 will be introduced on June 9th.

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