The countdown for iPhone SE 2 has begun!

Apple’s new tiny iPhone started counting down for iPhone SE 2. The features of each passing day are clearer; but the iPhone SE 2, which does not yet fall into the internete view, looks like a phone similar to Apple’s iPhone X design.

The iPhone SE 2 will be the new ‘tiny screen’ phone that Apple is paying attention to. Although we do not yet have a clear idea of what it looks like, the near-company sources show that Apple will implement a design similar to the iPhone X on the iPhone SE 2.

Introduced in 2016, the iPhone SE has the same muscle as the iPhone 5s, and is very popular with its powerful features and affordable price. The new iPhone SE looks like it will come with a notched design that we are used to now. Thus, a model suitable for one-handed use, which Steve Jobs paid particular attention to, would have been produced. Moreover, it will come with a big screen compared to previous models.

For now, there is no clear information about the model’s specifications yet. However, the iPhone SE (2018) name will surely be heard in the coming days.

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