Is the iPhone’s iMessage application coming to Windows 10?

Microsoft continues to work hard to deliver Windows 10 to as many devices as possible. Now, the company said it would like to contact Apple to bring iMessage support to Windows.

The software giant has unveiled the new Your Phone application at the Build 2018 developer conference. Your Phone is an application that allows you to read and write text messages on your phone. However, Microsoft’s Shilpa Ranganathan, in an interview with The Verge, admitted that they had trouble running the application on iOS, unlike Android, and said: “Apple makes it messy in Messaging, but we want to work with Apple.”

Due to the way Apple’s iMessages application works, Microsoft needs to work with Apple to support this application. Apple is known for keeping its ecosystem shut. It’s a curiosity how Apple will respond to this kind of singularity from Microsoft.
Microsoft has not yet received any requests from Apple for this matter, but users will be pleased to see that the two competitors work together for such a function.

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