Introduced new game console SCUF Vantage for PlayStation 4

The new game console SCUF Vantage for the PlayStation 4 is introduced (comes with the feature in XBox)

New game consoles for the PlayStation 4, produced by Japan-based technology giant Sony, were introduced. Here are the features that will be enjoyed by users with SCUF Vantage …



Promotion has been realized that closely related to PlayStation users.

The new game console, SCUF Vantage, was developed for the PlayStation 4, which was produced by Japan-based technology giant Sony.



The new game console will feature the popular feature found on the Xbox ‘Elite’ to the likes of PlayStation users.

Because SCUF Vantage offers significant customizations to its users.

At the back of the new game console, which has a Microsoft license, we also have paddles that we are familiar with from XBox.




What is the price of SCUF VANTAGE?

So when the SCUF Vantage will be available for sale. According to estimates, the new PS4 game console will take its place on the shelf in August 2018.

The price of the product is expected to be US $ 199.95.



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