The Crew 2 – Review


Think of a game in which you can turn any kind of car into any kind of aircraft, boots, without being restricted to it. There is a game that contains all of the things we say: The Crew 2. We have examined for you the game that will be performing in the near future, so that you can see what kind of game it is. We will present these evaluations to you by evaluating the game in terms of graphics, performance, gameplay and progress.



The Crew 2, presented by Ubisoft’s promotional videos and game screens, is indeed as comprehensive as the developers have mentioned. We had the opportunity to play games and acquire images during the demonstration of the game. From our experience we can say that we are faced with a much more impressive production than the first The Crew game. Advanced tool controls, a gigantic map and a wide range of gameplay features.

The Crew 2 offers a very innovative and fluid gameplay.

The game has a very extensive gameplay, according to the Director of Player Experience, which we will share with you later on our interview. When we talk about coverage, we are talking about what we can do with the game as well as the unexpected. In fact, The Crew 2, a racing game, does not just offer cars to you. While playing the game you can switch between different vehicle types by simply pressing a key. Moreover, there is no pause or wait in your turn when you switch, making the game dynamic.



Off-road racing, street racing, airplane racing and boat racing are all racing alternatives. The vehicle changes, which is the basic concept of The Crew 2, is sitting right in the races. It is an incredible experience to get a chance to quickly cross the mountain by turning into an airplane when you are racing side-by-side with your friend. Although in certain cases the vehicles are hanging around, we hope that this will be solved in the final version of the game.



By offering a much bigger map than the previous game, the game that put the whole of the United States under your feet succeeded in evaluating the map. When you are navigating through the map with any tool you want, there are many bounce points or action movements. In addition to this, it is necessary to walk around the map in order to be able to carry out the specific collection systems found in the vote. We can say that the open world is regarded as a kind of element and the game has made it more comfortable for the player.

The experience of The Crew 2, which will not disappoint you with its innovative gameplay, is truly unique. The racing game that we come up with all these features brings together a different adventure that goes beyond the simulation experience.

One of the most important features of a racing game is the vehicle controls, which make The Crew 2 feel very player-friendly. It was quite uncomfortable for the cars to get out of control while driving in certain places in the first The Crew game. Ubisoft will be aware of this situation so that we have not encountered such a situation in his new cast. At least we can say that no control error affects our game for 4 hours when we have the opportunity to play the game.



The sense of vehicle controls becomes very important when it comes to off-road racing. As you move on the rocks in the midst of the desert, the power of the car comes out of control and gives you the opportunity to connect with real life. The fact that vehicle controls are designed to support the player experience will ensure that you do not get tired of the game. Although we have not experienced the game for 4 hours continuously, we have not observed the existence of any problem.

Thanks to the open world structure, The Crew 2 offers an alternative to the racetrack, which is almost limitless. If you want to participate in professional races, you can choose the tools and press the button. We explain why, because the game is very important in terms of diversity. The diversity of the open world’s presence means that everything that the racing game has has been transferred to the player in a strong way.

The graphics of the game are as powerful as the game it offers.

Delivering a highly satisfying experience in terms of graphics and performance, The Crew 2 keeps flowing even in the preview version. Given that the release of the game will be much more stable, we do not expect any performance problems. The Xbox One X console we were experimenting with was able to run The Crew 2 with very high performance on pretty impressive graphics.



It is a long and tedious process to add a great geography like the United States to the game by fully modeling it. Developers have successfully completed this process and have created an open world in which you are not satisfied to look. The open world, which can easily be compared with Microsoft’s Forza Horizon 3, will take the hunger of PlayStation users especially in this regard.

The Crew 2, developed by Ivory Tower, seems to bring a new perspective to the definition of racing game. The game, which you consider every point of the United States as a racetrack, stands out with its diversity. Being able to experience almost every branch of motor sports, boating for a moment and being an airplane are not the possibilities you can find in every single race. It is not even at this point that the game has to stand out with these features and become a leading name in the sector.



The test version we played on the Xbox One X console caused a few hangs, but it did not cause any more. Even the test version is stable, so the release of The Crew 2 can be regarded as an indication that PC players will be happy. We want to state one last thing about the game that we can claim that there is almost no negative point. If Ubisoft had also offered a comprehensive screenplay with The Crew 2, the game could be a leader for many players.

The Crew 2 will hit the market on June 29, 2018 for PCs, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One platforms.

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