Tekken Mobile Guide, Tips and Cheats

Tekken Mobile is one of the best fighting games for mobile devices, by Bandai Namco, featuringlots of game modes; Dojo, PvP, Story, and more. Check out our Tekken Mobile guide and Tekken.

One of the most awaited games has been just released on Google Play Store, featuring all Tekken Characters, many game modes, superb graphics, and much more. Let’s take a look at all the things of Tekken Android, a mobile fighting game.

Tekken For Android – Get Started

Tekken mobile is an online fighting game in which you play as fighters and defeat the opponent using awesome fighting skills, waza cards, but it’s not too easy after initial levels. Minimum requirements for Tekken Mobile are listed on the description page of Google Play Store; Android 5.0, 2GB RAM. I have played this game on a 4GB RAM model and still, it lags in some sections of the game. It means it’s not optimized for low-end devices. Everything of this game is great; controls, gameplay, controls, but sometimes it takes too much time while loading another screen.

Gameplay – Tekken Android

Tekken Mobile Guide ->Playing Tekken on Android is quite easy, you just tap to attack opponent, press & hold to defense, hold down your finger on the screen for a heavy strike, and use cards. Without using cards, you can not win the battles. You can say these cards “skill” or whatever you like, just tap on a card to use the special skill.

Tekken Mobile starts with a tutorial in which you learn about the basic of the game; about fighters/characters in Tekken game, attacking, cards, and much more. Once the tutorial ends, the player manages all the things manually. Let’s take a look at all the sections: –

Game Modes in Tekken Android

Tekken mobile game features many game modes; story mode, live events, DOJO, and it is mentioned that local multiplayer in Tekken mobile is coming soon. At the beginning of the game, story mode is unlocked, features three world/acts; Humble beginnings, Pieces of puzzle, and showdown. You start with Humble beginnings and complete dozens of challenging chapters. In DOJO mode, you optfor a challenge; attack or defend. You need to win maximum rounds to finish the challenge, for instance, choose attack, select fighters, select a challenge, and start fighting. Complete challenges, get rewards & chests.

Live events are very difficult to complete, but not impossible, randomly kicking off your opponent using cards leads you to the victory.Fighters or

Characters in Tekken Mobile game: –

  • Shaheen
  • Kazuya
  • Nina
  • Dragunov
  • Steve
  • Ruby
  • Marshall law
  • Paul
  • Feng
  • and many more

If one of your fighters has been knocked out in a fight, you need to wait for few minutes to play with him/her again. However, if you have unlocked new characters in Tekken mobile game, you can replace the fighter with another fighter.

Has fighter been injured? – Tekken Mobile Tips Cheats

If the fighter has been injured, then before you start next fight, make sure to heal them, go to fighter section -> tap on an injured fighter -> heal. You need healing material for this, you can get this material in packages, chests, as a reward.

Tekken Mobile Guide & Tips[Level-Up, Skills, Waza Cards]

  • How to unlock new characters in Tekken Mobile? –  Tekken Mobile Tips

You need fragments to unlock heroes. For instance; To unlock Paul, you need 10 fragments(10 fragments – Paul). You get these fragments from chest, packages, as a reward. New heroes can be unlocked using chest or packages also. Another option is to buy using real money.

How to level up your fighter in Tekken Mobile? –  Tekken Mobile Tips Cheats

To level up a character, you need shards(i.e. water shards). You get these shards by opening chests, packages, as a reward. If you have enough number of shards, go to fighter section, tap on the fighter to whom you want to level up, tap on the level-up button, and confirm. Level up your fighters in Tekken Mobile game to improve their attacks and HP.

Skills –  Tekken Mobile Guide

When you level up your fighter, you earn skill points, these points can be used in the upgrading of skills or you can equip new skills. Head to the skill section, tap on the + button, choose the skill to equip and confirm. You should equip & upgradethe skills of the fighters to defeat strong opponents.

How to progress fast in Tekken game? –  Tekken Mobile Tips Cheats

Without upgrading your fighters and their skills, you can not progress in this game after a certain level. So it would be better if you upgrade your fighters’ skills and level. Upgrading requires items; shards! Head to shop section -> packages -> purchase package in exchange for coins and you may get valuable items.

How to get rewards –  Tekken Mobile Tips Cheats

Play story mode, defeat opponents, increase XPs, level-up your profile and get the reward for free.

Complete challenges in Dojo mode and win Dojo chest. To open it, head to the main screen -> Dojo Vault.

Complete live events.

Fragment conversion/Waza Cards in Tekken Mobile –  Tekken Mobile Tips Cheats

If you get a fragment of a character and you already own that, then redeem it. Redeeming a character fragment convert it into a waza card for that character. You can also craft waza cards.

Quick Tips For Tekken Mobile Game

  • Upgrade your fighters’ skills for the best result – Upgrading increases the power of your fighters
  • Use Waza cards, Craft Waza Cards
  • Level-Up your fighter to gradually increase all the attributes of the fighter
  • Boost their stamina by improving the HP stats
  • Don’t play with injured fighters, heal them before you start the battle
  • Unlock new characters(fragment required) and take them to battles[Easy ones(easy levels) to enhance their skills]
  • Only those characters will get benefits who has been chosen by you for the battles
  • Take part in events to grab precious items or reward
  • Level-Up your profile to unlock locked modes and take part in these modes
  • Repeat levels to earn more reward
  • Key to success; Upgrading+Skills+Stamina+Leveling Up

So this is the Tekken Mobile guide and Tekken Mobile tips for the beginners. In short, Level Up+Upgraded Skills+Waza Cards+Defense+Timing=Victory

Closing words on Tekken Mobile

Tekken game is a great challenging fighting game, has good graphics, gameplay, controls but it lags in some section which is really annoying. You should give it a try.

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