God Of War – Review


  • God Of War Release Date: April 20, 2018
  • Developer: SCE Santa Monica Studio
  • Type: Action-adventure game
  • Publishers: Sony Interactive Entertainment
  • Platform: PlayStation 4

The new God of War game, which has been anticipated for many years and announced in 2016, is once again in all its splendor and grandeur. Making a passing game as a PlayStation 4 special game, what kind of game experience do you offer us? With all the details Kratos and his son Atrius’s adventure!

How is a game of God of War PS4? – God of War review
In the PS2 and PS3 era, the God of War series, which broke sales records, told us about the story of Kratos, a Spartan commander. Kratos, who had been betrayed by Ares and pursued his revenge, put the gold of the Pantheon in the story of this giant vengeance and abandoned the world while it was in the midst of chaos and extinction.

This time, after an unknown period, Nors is re-emerging with mythology. He begins his journey to leave the ashes of his deceased wife, Atreus, from the highest mountain. Kratos, the first time we see him as a father figure, feels the weight of the past on his shoulders throughout the game and does not hesitate to reflect this on his son.

God of War, which deals with all aspects of a father-son relationship, is able to tell us a great story during all the ups and downs. While the character development of the couple is clearly given, the never-cut story brace locks you in the screen. A child who attains his only true father in one place, on the other hand a father who hates his own nature. This terrific conflict brings the level of credibility of the game to the top.

Gameplay and Graphics
By gameplay, forget about old productions already. Dark Souls mechanics, the trend / RPG trend in recent years, has also impressed Santa Monica’s new game to a certain extent. Kratos, who started the game with Leviathan Baltasi, is fighting both using this ax and solving the puzzles that face him. Leviathan Ax, which is a very special ax that can be thrown and recalled, can be improved to gain much more unique abilities.

The making of God of War 2018 also makes it a totally renovated game. The long-awaited new GoW was able to impress us with both the game and the story. But beyond all this, for the first time we played a God of War game in the open world. By the side quests, treasure hunts and collectable items, your game is very long. You can only go through the story without worrying about any of them. In graphics, you need to open parentheses. On the PS4 Pro, you can choose between resolution and performance. In the performance setting, the game is played with 1080p high frame / second, you can play with 4K with the resolution option, but the frame rate drops to 30 per second. Although both options have their advantages, we can say that the game is, in general, the most spectacular game of the PS4.


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