Shadow Of The Colossus – Review



It is very important and valuable to me to describe this construction. Because a project that has been developed so successfully in recent times and has been prepared like a piece of art rather than a cast, there is little to be desired. Personally, I’ve been waiting for this construction a long time. It is useful to assume that they do not know and say it from the beginning. Shadow Of Colossus is a production made by the team that is legendary in the Playstation 2 world like Ico. Obviously, after a project that achieved classic status like Ico, there was not much hesitation about SoC (Shadow Of Colossus). After all, I guessed everything would be perfect, and that it would be a production that I would not be able to keep up with for a long time. My guesses were not out. On the contrary, there was such a good game in my face that ” is this the next gen? ” I have not spent my mind.

When you start SoC, a cinematic demo will welcome you. We take the lifeless body of the person whom the character we like to manage with him, and witness his journey with his closest friend, horse Agro. Our hero who enters the mountains, the stones one by one, whose end is uncertain, enters into the monument, which is huge here. While we try to figure out where it’s coming from, we suddenly hear a divine voice calling out to us. The voice says that if we kill 16 giants in the universe, we will give life to my beloved. Our hero who accepts the offer, has looked at your girlfriend’s eyes one last time and it has begun to face this difficulty. Besides our two weapons we can use in our games, we also have a cadmium friend, Agro, our throw. We will try to defeat the tough giants with our weapon consisting of an arrow and a sword. Especially when it seems difficult at first, the giants become a fearful dream after a certain degree of difficulty, especially as the strong features of our bride. He also gives us some kind of guidance so that we will not be lost in this unlimited World. When we raise our worm up, we can understand where we will go through the light from the hill. I can say that the arrow mark on the Grand Theft Auto series is more fantastic.

Once you do not see monsters, dangerous birds or zombies in this construction. Your target is only 16 different giants. Once you find out where they are hiding, with your help, you will have to remove all of them individually. Of course this is not as easy as you might think. All the giants have their own characteristics and weak spots. These are due to the light from the tip of your rod. You put your rod in the sensitive areas of the giants you need to do, or you throw your arrow. So they are burning and doing movements in your favor. For example, when you hit a sensitive zone in a giant footpad you will encounter, you have to lean to the side. So we have a chance to get up on this huge creation. Usually the bodies of all the giants are covered with hairs.

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