Galaxy Note 9, Expected to Come Big Pille !

Note 7 Samsung has left behind the fiasco, according to a new rumor is preparing to enlarge the batteries again …

A new report says the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 will come with a 4,000mAh pille. So the Galaxy Note 9 can be a power store that can be used for several days without charge.

After the launch of the Galaxy Note 7 battery, Samsung preferred only a small battery in the Galaxy Note 8, with only 3,300mAh. This battery capacity, normally seen on a 5.5-inch phone, was able to offer a full-day battery life on the 6.3-inch Galaxy Note 8. So a more powerful battery can theoretically offer more than one day.

Earlier rumors said the Galaxy Note 9 would come with a 3.850mAh pille. We can not completely ignore this information, but a 4,000mAh pile of no risk of explosion probably will not say no.

Can the Note Grow Up?
The Galaxy Note 8, with its 6.3-inch screen, forces many of us to use our two hands. According to new information, the screen size of Galaxy Note 9 can expand to 6.4 inches. It is unknown if this is the cause of the battery.

Since the sources of the gossip are not well known, it is useful to wait a little bit to clarify the leak.

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