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We wanted so much, we waited too long. Speculations were made, spoken for years. Red Dead Redemption 2 (RDR 2) is as close as ever before. Red Dead Redemption, which we witness to John Marston’s story in 2010, will finally be eliminated by the end of this year with the second game and will leave us at the heart of the Wild West. When will he get out? Is John coming back? What’s that talk Royale mode talking about? We give the answer to the questions you are wondering.

RDR 2 will take shelves for PS4 and XB1 on October 26th. PC users are very eager to see that Rockstar does not seem to carry the game to PC in the first place. At first I say because nobody thinks RDR 2 is a possibility of not coming to PC. If we consider GTA Online’s great success on the PC and GTA V’s exit schedule, we can say that we will see RDR 2 on the PC in the second and third quarter of 2019. A renewed RDR 2 will also be available in conjunction with the 2020’s outbreak of new-generation consoles. There are hundreds of thousands of players who bought the GTA V on both the PS3 and the PS4. For Rockstar RDR 2, they will want to maximize their revenues by making a plan like this.

The map of RDR 2 was leaked by a Reddit user last year. The map, approved by TechRadar for many different sources, includes some of the first game but is still expanded eastward.

In RDR 2, before the story of RDR 1, our first character in the first round will replace John Marston, the member of the Dutch Gang, Arthur Morgan. The RDR 2 will go through an estimated 10-12 years before the first game, as the Dutch Gang, which broke the Wild West in this game, had already dispersed in 1911, when the first game was passed. In the brilliant times of the Dutch gang we will terrorize the Wild West.

GTA Online, Rockstar and distributor TakeTwo is a chicken lecture that spawning gold for sure. First launched in 2013, GTA V succeeded in selling 15 million copies in 2017 even after 4 years. A lot of new players – and if you go out of the way by updating Rockstar’s focal point game multi-player mode GTA Online. With such a success, it is almost impossible for RDR 2 to become a comprehensive online mode.

In our report two weeks ago, we mentioned the contents of the confidential documents that the Trusted Reviews site had acquired. According to the information there, RDR 2 will move the “Battle Royale” mode we are accustomed to from Fortnite and PUBG to the Wild West. Although there is no detailed information about the mod content, it is not hard to imagine what kind of concept it will have.

In the leaking documents “Revive and Survive”, two teams will face each other and we will have a limited time to turn our friends who have been shot to life. The other mode, “Money Grab”, will put cash prizes instead of flags in the classic Capture the Flag game.

RDR 2 Online will host an open world game, as well as a lot of settlements to be able to visit, as well as the activity to be done as it is at the abdomen GTA Online.

The robbers were the most entertaining tasks of GTA V and Online. If we consider RDR 2 to be the story of the unlawful Dutch gang, we can predict that there will certainly be a few robberies in RDR 2.

Even though our current character seems to be Arthur for now, Rockstar may allow me to check more than one player like it is in GTA V. In many aspects of the game, the classic “Wild West’s unlawful gang” is depicted as a collective pose. Although Arthur may be the main character, some tasks can control other elements of the Dutch Gang.

According to the leaked information from Trusted Reviews, the game will include the first-person camera option added to GTA V in 2015. Animations and character interactions are made with this camera angle in mind.

The main story will be shaped by the preferences you make and the side characters you interact with.

NPCs will live their lives in the day and night cycle.

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