Steam Summer Sale 2018 date leaked

Steam summer expiration date appeared when the players waited with great curiosity. A tweet about Steam’s traditional downgrade shows that game lovers should wait a little longer for the summer download.

Steam summer discount game lovers will be happy The dates on which the big discounts will take place are never officially announced by Valve. However, some good sources reveal discount times very well. Steam Database, a Twitter account that tracks changes to gaming in the gigantic Steam database, has announced that Summer Sale (Summer Sale) will start on June 21 this year.

The end date of the discount by the account was not disclosed, but we can look at the discount time last year to estimate.

It lasted 13 days last summer The summer discount for 2017 was held from June 22 to July 5. If the last 13 days of last year’s discount date is June 21 this year, the discount for this year will probably end on July 4th. The information we have now is not confirmed, but the dates of Steam discounts are not completely hidden. Because Valve regularly emails developers selling games on Steam discount dates to make sure they do not conflict with other discounts they are planning. We are curious about your thoughts about the discount day we thought you were curious about.

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